Meet our Healthier Nation Heroes

Find out how our ambassadors help drive our vision to build a healthier nation

Our mission is to build a healthier nation and to help us do this, we’ve partnered up with like-minded ambassadors to enable us to reach as many people as possible! Along with some familiar faces we’re delighted to welcome a new member to the team, former England footballer Fara Williams.

As well as discussing the findings from this year’s Healthier Nation Index, our ambassadors will be sharing their personal experiences, barriers they’ve faced, and what health and wellbeing means to them. They’ll also be joining us in encouraging everyone to find manageable ways to move more each day to develop healthier habits and, ultimately, lead healthier lives. 

Join in, let us know how you’re getting on, and inspire others by using #mydailymovement on your social media channels.

Fara Williams MBE 

As the most-capped England player of all time, Fara Williams MBE knows exactly what it takes to stay at the top. 

Since retiring in 2019, Fara has found that her approach to keeping active has changed and that her primary focus has shifted to moving and exercising in a way that works for her.

“At this stage in my life, keeping active looks very different. After my footballing career and periods of illness and injury, I know just how important it is to keep moving - even if it’s not in a way that you’re used to, the benefits are huge for both body and mind.

I want to show people that keeping active doesn’t always have to be intense training sessions. I used to run all the time but I found a love of walking during my recovery and it’s had a huge positive impact on my overall health.  It’s something that is easy for me to do and the fact I can easily fit it into my day means I (almost) always get it done!”

Dame Kelly Holmes

It’s been 20-years since Dame Kelly Holmes became a Double Olympic Champion. Today, keeping active is still very much a priority for her because of the way it benefits her overall physical and mental health.

“I’m so passionate about women keeping active during their lives, but particularly as they get older. If you don’t use it, you lose it and we all need to make sure we’re setting ourselves up as best we can for later in life while also being as healthy as we can be right now!

That doesn’t have to mean pumping iron for hours a week, it’s about finding pockets in your day where you can be more active to benefit your physical and mental health.  

It could be a brisk walk with a friend, dancing round the kitchen or carrying your shopping home rather than driving – it all adds up and helps us to get closer to the recommended guidelines each week.”

Ed Jackson

In 2017 former rugby player Ed Jackson underwent a life changing operation to repair a fracture dislocation on his spine. Going into surgery, experts and clinicians were unsure whether the operation would be a success, or whether Ed would ever be able to walk again.

Following a lengthy recovery and through his own focus and dedication, Ed has continued to defy expectations. Not only has Ed learned to walk again, but he now regularly climbs mountains to help show those in a similar situation that there is hope.

“Since my injury and as part of my continued recovery, I have to move every day so that my body will enable me to continue living the life I lead. It isn’t always easy, and I definitely face obstacles along the way, but I want to show people living with long-term conditions the huge benefits that can come from moving more if they are able to.

Not only does making sure I move each day help me physically, it plays a huge role in my mental wellbeing. I know that, for some, being more active can be a daunting prospect but I want to reassure people that making small, daily changes can have a huge positive impact.

Once you make the decision to start, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you see the benefits these changes can have on your overall health and wellbeing and want to keep going!”