25 essential apps for a healthy mind and body

In this digitally-driven age our smartphones rarely leave our sides, and it’s often seen as an unhealthy obsession. Whilst it’s hard to kick the habit of checking your phone every two minutes, the drawbacks of owning one can certainly be offset by their usefulness.

There’s an app for almost everything, whether you’re trying to find directions or convert a document on the fly, however the thought of using your phone as a health companion may not have crossed your mind.

There are an abundance of apps around fitness, nutrition and mindfulness that can help you to live a healthier life, whether it’s tracking physical activities or guiding you through meditation. It can be hard, though, to work out which ones are worth investing time into, especially with so much variety out there.

We’ve done the hard work for you by sifting through the app stores to find the best apps for physical workouts, fitness tracking, nutrition and mindfulness, and compiled them into the handy infographic below.

Last updated Monday 8 August 2016

First published on Tuesday 29 March 2016