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If you are suffering from a vaginal prolapse and are not responding to conservative treatment, then you may want to undergo vaginal prolapse repair surgery performed by our expert gynaecologists at Nuffield Health York Hospital.

If you have undergone a recent hysterectomy procedure, your pelvic floor may have significantly weakened, which can result in a vaginal prolapse which can be painful, unsightly and embarrassing. Other causes for vaginal prolapse include childbirth and hormonal changes during the menopause.

At Nuffield Health York Hospital our leading gynaecologists specialise in women's health procedures and can provide you with rapid access to vaginal prolapse repair surgery, which should be considered if conservative treatment has failed.

At Nuffield Health York Hospital we are extremely proud of the consistently high level of care our gynaecology experts provide on a daily basis. Our experienced team have helped thousands of women in North Yorkshire overcome a range of personal health conditions which can have a negative impact on wellbeing and self-esteem.

Our hospital is conveniently situated on Haxby Road, a stones throw from York's historic city centre. Even with our centralised location, we still provide free parking to patients and visitors, as well as easy access to a number of local buses including routes 1 & 5 between York station and New Earswick.

How to book a consultation at Nuffield Health York Hospital

If you are considering vaginal prolapse surgery and want to discuss treatment options with a gynaecologist in York, you will need to book an initial consultation at the hospital. To book, please call our dedicated hospital enquiry team on 01904 894 989.

Alternatively, if you fill out a contact form above, a member of our hospital enquiry team will get back to you at a more convenient time.

What happens during vaginal prolapse surgery?

  • Vaginal prolapse surgery is usually performed under general anaesthetic
  • In some cases it can be performed as laparoscopic surgery
  • The length of the procedure will depend on the extent of your prolapse
  • Your consultant will make incisions inside your vagina and strengthen the supporting tissues with stitches
  • They may make repairs to both the back and front vaginal walls
  • Additional supporting stitches may be needed may be needed at the top of your vagina or into your cervix
  • In some cases surgical mesh may be used. Any wounds will be closed using dissolvable staples
  • At the end of your procedure they may insert a catheter into your bladder to drain urine and your vagina may be packed with material to prevent bleeding. These will be removed in 1-2 days
  • You may need to stay in our York hospital for 3-5 days.
  • You will be able to go home once you are able to move about confidently and you can pass urine with no problem.

Going home after your vaginal prolapse surgery

  • You will not be able to drive until release to do so by your consultant
  • Please arrange for someone to take you home on your day of discharge
  • You will need to rest and recover for several weeks.
  • Take over the counter pain relief such as paracetamol as needed for any post-operative pain
  • You may experience light vaginal bleeding for up to 2 weeks
  • You should avoid lifting anything heavy including shopping, laundry or young children for the first 2-4 weeks.
  • In addition you should avoid any strenuous sports activities for at least 4 weeks
  • Any stitches you have will dissolve in about 10-14 days. There is no need to remove them.

Most women make a good recovery from vaginal prolapse surgery. As with any operation there can be complications:

  • Bleeding
  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Blood clots (deep vein thrombosis).

Specific complications of vaginal prolapse surgery include:

  • Perforation of bladder or rectum
  • Injury to the uterus
  • Recurrence of symptoms.
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Pre-assessment, Main treatment and Post-discharge care £8,605
Guide price £8,855
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