Women's Life Stage 6 | Experienced. Thankful. Content.

You’ve experienced much of what life has to offer through the many stages of a woman’s life. With good health, living beyond 80 can be full of new experiences and times to enjoy with family and friends.

As Dr Annie Evans explains, many women at this life stage still want to get involved in the things they love to do, but health issues associated with ageing can present challenges.

Some women may feel incontinence is threatening their dignity, or that osteoporosis is limiting their movement and enjoyment of everyday activities. Others might be concerned about dementia, and what that means for their independence and their family.

These concerns might feel new and scary to you, but you should never be too embarrassed to talk to someone about them. You’ve led an amazing life so far and you’re never too old to start making the rest of it as comfortable and enjoyable as you can.

Areas to consider at this stage:

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Thursday 24 September 2015

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