The knee joint is one of the most vital joints in the body. The ligaments surrounding the knee joint stabilise body movements while also limiting others. If you regularly participate in sport, it is not uncommon to injure your tendons, cartilage or ligaments due to added strain on your knees. Obesity may also result in knee pain, as extra weight adds further compression onto the knee joints.

No matter what kind of symptoms you have, we can offer comprehensive and specialist diagnostic tests, advice and treatment (if necessary) for every type of knee condition including a dislocation of the knee cap, ligament or cartilage injury and different types of arthritis.

Our consultant knee surgeons are experts in their field and are supported in their diagnosis by our onsite Diagnostic Centre for MRI scanning, ultrasound or conventional x-rays and other innovative technologies such 3D gait analysis. To ensure an accurate diagnosis and when clinically indicated we can also use a minor diagnostic procedure called an arthroscopy . This is where a tiny telescopic camera is inserted into the knee joint to obtain a clear picture of the problem.

Once a diagnosis has been made, our orthopaedic specialists can recommend any treatment that you may need. This could include specialist physiotherapy, medical management or surgical techniques such as keyhole surgery, joint replacement or preservation surgery.

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