Don’t let pain stop you from doing the things you love.

Our highly-skilled orthopaedic surgeons at The Holly Hospital treat a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions affecting the shoulder, back, spine, hip, elbow, hand, knee, foot and ankle.

With rapid assessment clinics and physiotherapy to help you recover faster, we’re with you every step of the way. View our orthopaedic treatments below.

Knee conditions

Our consultant knee surgeons are experts in their field and are supported in their diagnosis by our onsite Diagnostic Centre for MRI scanning, ultrasound or conventional x-rays and other innovative technologies such as 3D gait analysis.

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Foot and ankle treatments

Our expert team of renowned orthopaedic specialists, foot and ankle surgeons, physiotherapists and podiatrists can help with comprehensive treatment for all kinds of foot and ankle injuries from a straightforward bunion correction to the most complex reconstructive surgery after a trauma. In order to offer you a fast and accurate diagnosis, we have access to the very latest diagnostic imaging facilities, which may include MRI, ultrasound or conventional x-ray.

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Hip conditions

If you are suffering from hip problems we offer prompt, comprehensive specialist advice and treatment for all kinds of issues including arthritis, inflammation of joints, cartilage damage and bone trauma. Our professional team of consultants and surgeons are all specialists in the field and offer the support and peace of mind you need throughout diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment care.

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Shoulder conditions

If you are currently suffering from problems with your shoulders there is help available. We offer prompt, comprehensive specialist treatment and advice relevant to your condition. Our team of highly skilled orthopaedic specialists and surgeons are renowned in this line of work and offer the support and peace of mind you need for diagnosis, treatment and aftercare.

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Back and spinal conditions

We offer a complete orthopaedic treatment – whether for a slipped disc, a fracture, tumour or sciatica, our highly experienced orthopaedic specialists, back and spine surgeons and physiotherapists will be on hand to offer you the diagnosis and treatment you require throughout every stage.

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Elbow, wrist and hand conditions

If you are experiencing elbow pain, hand or wrist pain, we are here to help you with a comprehensive range of specialist orthopaedic treatments including sprains and strains, inflamed tendons, cartilage tear, ganglion cysts and fractures. Our highly-trained orthopaedic specialists, expert surgeons and physiotherapists can offer you all the reassurance and support you need throughout diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care.

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Sports medicine

Our team of expert sports physicians offer a swift assessment, diagnosis and treatment for athletes and sports persons of all ages and abilities. We can advise on a variety of sports and exercise-related injuries and conditions. We are here to help you get back to your previous level of fitness as quickly as possible. We will also work with you to reduce the impact of the injury on your life.

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Whether you have a bunion or sports injury, we can care for your feet from diagnosis through to treatment and rehabilitation. We offer outpatient clinics with Consultant Podiatric Surgeons, supported by our onsite Diagnostic Service for imaging and chartered physiotherapists. Your consultant also has access to other specialists within the hospital including our Orthopaedic Surgeons, to work with and refer to as appropriate.

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