Our Expert Team

At Nuffield Health Brighton Hospital, we are proud to have experts in urology, plastic surgery and hormone therapy. 

Our Consultants

At Nuffield Health Brighton we have a wide range of expert consultants ready to help you on your gender affirmation journey. Find out more below about their background and level of expertise.

Mr Andy Mellington

Consultant Plastic Surgeon


Mr Mellington’s primary field of practice is breast and chest wall reconstructive surgery. He prides himself in tailoring treatment to individual patient preference and he offers the full range of ‘TOP’ surgery including hemi-areolar, peri-areolar and double incision techniques. Mr Mellington routinely employs the use of liposuction to sculpt the chest wall contour. He does not use drains but rather uses internal tissue ‘glue’ to minimise risk of fluid collections.

Mr Charles Nduka

Consultant Plastic Surgeon


Mr Nduka has extensive experience in breast surgery of all types including transgender patients. He has provided gender surgery for Phil Thomas' patients privately and spent a year working at Charing Cross hospital as part of his fellowship on the breast team and performing mastectomies and breast enhancement for transgender patients in addition to reconstruction.

Mr David Ross

Consultant Plastic Surgeon


Mr David Ross is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Head of Plastic Surgery at Guy’s, St Thomas’ Hospitals and Kings College Hospital, London. He has both a National and International reputation in plastic surgery and specifically chest and abdominal reconstruction. David has continued to develop reconstructive chest surgical techniques for patients with chest wall deformity, asymmetries and reconstruction after cancer.  His further specialist experience has been dedicated to ensuring patients receive safe carefully planned surgery.

Mr Charles Coker

Consultant Urologist Surgeon


Mr Coker performs gender surgery for patients wishing to reassign from male to female. He has been part of the team for just over 3 years and has a strong understanding of all the technical and psycho-social issues associated with gender affirmation surgery.

Mr Tim Larner

Consultant Urologist Surgeon


Mr Larner was appointed as a consultant urological surgeon in 2002 with a specialist interest in pelvic cancer surgery and female urology at Brighton and Sussex University hospitals. Mr Larner has worked alongside Mr Thomas since this time as a urological surgeon and joined the gender reassignment team last year, regularly performing Gender Affirmation Surgery.

Mr Philip Thomas

Consultant Urologist Surgeon


One of UK’s leading Urologist Surgeons specialising in Reconstructive Urological Surgery and Gender Affirmation Surgery. Mr Thomas has held his busy Gender Affirmation Clinic at the Nuffield Brighton for over 18 years and, having also worked at Charing Cross in London, is hugely experienced in this field.

Mr Keith Altman

Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon


Mr Altman has over 20 years’ experience as a consultant and provides exceptionally high standards of patient care. He is highly skilled in a range of cosmetic procedures related to facial feminisation surgery, providing consistently remarkable results.

Dr Jonny Coxon

Private General Practitioner


Dr Coxon has an experienced background in urology, endocrinology, sexual medicine and men’s health. He holds regular clinics at Brighton Nuffield seeing patients for hormone treatment as part of their gender affirmation journey. He also works one day a week at the Tavistock Gender Identity Clinic.

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