Whatever your stage of treatment, we have a dedicated team to support you. You'll get to know them, and they'll get to know you, which means you won't have to keep explaining things to new people.

Supporting you throughout your cancer treatment

All of our consultants also work with the NHS and are experts in their field. So you always get top quality care at every stage of your treatment in a relaxing Nuffield Health environment.

Cancer diagnosis

We can carry out your scans and biopsies and we'll make a point of getting the results back to you quickly – usually in a matter of hours, not days or weeks.

Cancer treatment

Whether you need surgery, reconstruction or any other type of treatment, it's reassuring to know that we offer a wide range of cancer treatments and procedures in our 31 hospitals across the UK.

Ongoing cancer treatment

If you require ongoing treatment such as chemotherapy, you'll be in a comfortable environment with all the attention and all the space you need.

Cancer remission

We'll continue to offer our support even when your cancer is in remission and, when appropriate, arrange any home care support you may require.

There's a lot to take in when dealing with cancer and, like most people, you'll probably have good days and bad days. You might also find that it isn't necessarily the big things that make the difference; sometimes it's the smaller details that can lighten your mood. That's why we go out of our way to make things easier.

A clean environment

We're very proud of our excellent record of keeping infections at bay, because we know it's front of mind for a lot of patients.

Easy access

Our hospitals are conveniently located so that they're easy to find and never too far out of your way.

No set visiting times

Your family and friends can come and go as they please. Of course, if you need to rest we'll make sure they know.

Free parking

We think you've got enough to deal with without having to look for loose change, or worry about the cost of parking every time you have an appointment.

It's not just treatments - it's weeks and months of care

Once you've started your battle with cancer, your personal care team will be there to support you every step of the way. You'll get to know them well, to the point where many of our patients and staff remain friends long after the treatment is over.

You might also be interested to hear that it isn't just the medical side of things where we can support you. We have close links with many external groups (including Macmillan Cancer Support) who advise patients on all manner of cancer related queries – such as getting back to work, family support and life coaching after treatments.

Some of the cancers we can treat:

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