Eat, exercise and enjoy. 

Over a 12-week programme, our expert team will be on hand to give you all the advice and encouragement you need. We'll give you all the tools you'll need to reach your healthy weight including full access to our gyms and access to our nutritional therapists all for just £18 (£12 for members) per week. 

The programme includes:

2 personal nutrition consultations
You will have an initial consultation and a follow up consultation, to fully understand the right foods for your body and what may be missing from your current diet.

2 Health MOTs
Our Health MOTs help you track your progress and understand your current health better. As you progress with the programme we will review your situation again, so you can clearly see the healthy changes occurring in your body.

Personalised exercise programmes
An initial assessment with a detailed exercise programme will be designed specifically to match your current fitness level and will take into account any injuries/joint issues that may prevent you from exercising. This will be reviewed and adjusted as you get fitter and stronger.

Weekly exercise taster sessions
These sessions are designed for beginners and will help you to build your confidence and your fitness levels. The activities vary week by week and hopefully you will find some new favourites among them.

Expert-led 'Food Clubs'
The food clubs are full of practical advice about food and eating, which will help you along the journey. They are also a great way to hear how other people are getting on and provide support and encouragement for each other. Weight management is proven to be easier and more effective when doing it with others alongside you.

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The principles of Healthy Weight


When it comes to nutrition and weight loss, one size certainly does not fit all. That is why we give you two one-hour consultations with our nutritional therapist to better understand your health goals, lifestyle demands and medical conditions. The nutritional therapist will work with you to find ways your diet can be improved to help you achieve results.

You will also have access to expert-led food clubs. It is a great opportunity to talk about food and meet other people who are on the same journey as you and learn together how to make healthier food choices whilst enjoying your food. Food clubs will help to answer those practical questions - like what to put in your shopping trolley, how to measure right portion sizes and how to eat when you are travelling or at work.


Weight loss regimes are often all pain, no gain. Not with us. Our mix of individual training and group classes (from Zumba to Spin) offers a fun, practical approach to losing weight and staying healthy. During the programme you will have two coaching sessions with a personal trainer to specifically design an exercise programme to suit your fitness level and take into account any injuries or issues you might have.

Our personal trainers will also help you set realistic goals and give you the support you need to achieve them. To give you more confidence to try group classes out, we have specifically designed "Getting Started" classes which will teach you the basics so you can join in with other classes on the timetable when you are ready.


Our aim is for you to enjoy you weight loss journey. We want to help you improve your overall weight but also boost your health. That is why we look at improving your energy, sleep, digestion and emotional resilience.

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