Women's Life Stage 5 | Freedom to explore

As your children become adults or you plan for retirement, you may have a freedom you’ve not known since you were young. It’s time to relax and enjoy that freedom in the months and years ahead.

These post-menopausal years are also a time when women might take notice of some more serious health issues. By this stage you may know someone who’s had breast cancer or a gynaecological cancer. You might be getting regular screens - or even be receiving treatment - for these types of cancers yourself.

As Dr Annie Evans explains, some women at this stage may want help with common post-menopausal sex issues such as painful sex or loss of libido. Other women are suddenly dealing with a loss of bone mass (osteoporosis) and might have had a fracture or need a hip or knee replacement.

Some women find it increasingly difficult to control their weight – and might even be dealing with diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

Your health’s always been important, but now’s the time to make sure you’re at your best so you can enjoy your new found freedom.

Areas to consider at this stage: 

Less common:

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Last updated Wednesday 16 March 2016

First published on Monday 21 September 2015