The science of slouching - a guide to good posture at work

Many of us can spend 40 hours or more every week working at a computer, whether at the office or at home. The long term effects of sitting for so long can be detrimental to your posture (and your health in general).

Regular movement is the best way to counter the effects of sitting for long periods, but ensuring that your work station and chair are set up correctly will also help to ensure your spine is supported and your posture is optimised. 

In this short film, Joanne Gough, Senior Physiotherapist at Nuffield Health provides expert advice on how to look after your back whether you’re working from the office or from home. In a step-by-step guide to desk set up Joanne explains the importance of posture and correct spinal alignment and adds some handy tips for supporting your posture if you have to work from home without a desk.

Monday 18 May 2015

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