Home workstation checklist

When working from home, follow these simple steps to maintain a healthy workstation.

Accept it won’t be perfect

Not everyone will have the perfect workstation/desk set up at home. Many people won’t have a home office or study.

You don’t need to strive for the perfect set up. Just adopting some simple basic principles will help you manage your at home workspace.

Use what you have

You may have access to a separate screen to attach your laptop. If you don’t you can simply place your laptop on few books to lift it up nearer head height.

If you do prop your laptop up to make it nearer head height, make sure you use a separate mouse and keyboard to help protect your posture.

Keyboard and mouse

It is worth considering purchasing an affordable keyboard and mouse if you work from a laptop. Nothing too ‘ergonomic’ or pricey – just a simple standard keyboard and mouse will help with your ergonomic health.


If you are temporarily working from home, there’s no need to purchase an expensive ergonomic chair. Just ensure the chair you have has a straight back and is comfortable.

Try using a rolled up towel in the lower curve of your back if this is more comfortable for you.

Drink plenty of water

Working constantly in front of the screen can dry out your eyes. Drinking plenty of water can help combat this.

In addition, the more you drink, the more you will need to visit the bathroom encouraging you to have a break, stand up, stretch and take a walk.


Ensure you move away from your working area frequently. Start or finish the working day with a walk or exercise. During the day, take phone calls on the move, stand up when on a video call.

For more information on how to stay healthy while working from home, visit here.

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Last updated Monday 6 July 2020

First published on Monday 1 June 2020