Quit smoking: 5 distractions from your cravings

We all know stopping smoking is not easy.

A successful quitting journey demands huge willpower and may require one to one support and the use of nicotine replacement therapy or GP prescribed medication.

On a day to day basis, being able to distract yourself when the urge to smoke hits can be crucial to maintaining your willpower and keeping on track.

When feeling the desire to smoke consider the following tips for distraction:

  1. Remember why you’re quitting. Is it to improve your health? To save money? Keeping track of how many days you’ve been smoke free can be an inspiration and distraction in itself.
  2. Take some exercise, walk the dog or wash the car.
  3. Speak to a family member or friend who has successfully quit smoking – they can boost morale if you're feeling low and keep you on track.
  4. Save the money that you would usually spend on cigarettes – think of the extra money that could be used for a holiday or to buy those new shoes.
  5. Avoid situations where you know you will be tempted to smoke – try and quit alongside a friend or work colleague and offer each other support.

Last updated Wednesday 30 March 2016

First published on Thursday 17 March 2016