First steps for giving up smoking

The first port of call when thinking of giving up smoking should be to seek expert advice, GPs can provide valuable help and support.

There are also a number of local stop smoking services that can assist.

Health benefits are often cited as the initial motive for giving up cigarettes. It is important to remind yourself of the reason that you would like to stop smoking as this can help to keep an end goal in mind. Make a list and keep it in your wallet or purse, pin it to the fridge or your computer monitor to keep yourself reminded during the day.

Avoiding known triggers such as certain foods or drinks could help to reduce the urge to smoke. Exercising regularly can also help to diminish cravings. There are also a number of approaches you can take to distract you from your smoking cravings.

Last updated Thursday 26 May 2016

First published on Thursday 17 March 2016