Men’s Life Stage 2 | Career. Family. Fun.

After your chaotic 20’s, you’re a little more mature and comfortable in your own skin. All your hard work is beginning to pay off, whether it’s a promotion at work, raising a family, or buying a home - you’re starting to think long term.

And that means thinking about your health. Many men are entering unchartered areas of responsibility as husbands and fathers. At least, many thought they would be.

Infertility can put those plans on hold, while STDs and erectile dysfunction could lead to loss of confidence and relationship difficulties.  On the other hand, family planning brings the somewhat scary and little understood procedure of Vasectomy into the picture.

As if that weren’t enough, conditions commonly thought only to affect older men, like testicular cancer and kidney stones may have arisen.

Nuffield Health can help you understand and deal with these issues so you and your family can get on with the important things in life.

Prior to this stage, Young Men may want to focus more on themselves and getting the most out of life. Or, they might be ready to begin Taking Stock for the next stage of their life.

Areas to consider at this stage include:

Last updated Tuesday 24 May 2016

First published on Friday 26 June 2015