Half marathon | 6-month training programme

A half marathon is a huge challenge, especially for someone new to running. This six-month training programme will give you a good shot at success.

The prospect of running 13.1 miles (or 21 kilometers) is very daunting, but with the correct training, rest and nutrition it is achievable. Whether you are motivated for personal reasons, charity or you just fancy a new challenge, succeeding in a half marathon will give you immense pride.

There are three crucial elements to training for an endurance race:

1. Get the miles in

In the lead up to the race it is crucial that week after week you consistently get the miles in, and slowly increase them. You should aim to get close to the full 13.1 miles race distance a few weeks before the event.

2. Allow yourself to rest

If you don’t give your body adequate time to rest between training you will find your performance will plateau or will deteriorate.

3. Maintain willpower

This is just as important than the training. If you have the willpower and positive attitude towards training you will have the best chance of running well on race day.

The following training plan is designed for the average beginner to move from walking to running a half marathon. For a bespoke training plan that will take into account your individual needs speak to one of our Personal Trainers.

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Last updated Friday 14 December 2018

First published on Monday 11 April 2016