Joint Pain Programme

We run a Joint Pain Programme to help people with osteoarthritis manage joint pain without surgery. Based on a mix of education, physical activity and psychological support, the Programme is designed to break a cycle of inactivity.

The Joint Pain Programme runs for six months, broken down into an initial 12 weeks of intensive support and followed by a further 12 weeks of self-managed exercise.

The Joint Pain Programme is open to anyone who meets the criteria and is run at a cost of £2 per session, so that those who may not normally be able to afford or have access to the expert support and facilities that are available at Nuffield Health.

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Teacher Wellbeing

We know being a teacher can be tough. Research tells us that teaching is one of the most stressful professions, with many teachers experiencing behavioural, psychological or physical symptoms of ill health. 

Teachers play a vital role in our society and are responsible for ensuring our young people get the right knowledge and support for a healthy start to life. 

We want to support teachers by giving them access to tools that can help them to manage their health and wellbeing or give them space to recover after a difficult time. That’s why we’re offering all schools in the UK free access to two health and wellbeing platforms.

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