Through our experts, we link up our sites and services to offer a connected healthcare provision, including nutritional therapy, emotional wellbeing, occupational health, comprehensive health assessments, personal training and hospital treatments. We also offer access to the largest network of physiotherapists outside of the NHS.

We are different from other providers in this acute independent sector as we are a not-for-profit organisation. All income that we generate is reinvested into running and improving the service we provide. We also offer the broadest range of health and wellbeing services outside of the NHS.

We provide our services to four main customer groups.

The public
We provide services to people who pay us directly, including members at our fitness and wellbeing gyms and the people access our other clinical services and medical treatments.

Our self-pay option gives people the choice to access procedures or treatments without waiting lists or the need for an insurance policy.

For more information about paying for yourself, visit here.

Working with the NHS
As a trading charity, we provide an important public benefit. Our purpose is to keep people healthy and, where possible, out of hospital.  We’ve been partnering with the NHS to treat NHS patients for more than 30 years. In 2016, one in four of hospital procedures we perform is for an NHS patient.

Our NHS-funded services are accessible through the eReferral Service.  GPs across England have access to this and can offer Nuffield Health services as a choice to patients. Patients can compare waiting times for our services alongside those offered by the NHS, and can book directly into one of our NHS clinics within the system.

Another way in which we work with the NHS is as part of the initiative to reduce waiting lists in the NHS and help patients receive the treatment that they need as rapidly as possible.  Trusts can refer NHS patients to us for elective surgery.

Both eReferral Service and Waiting List Initiative treatments are funded by the NHS at rates set by the NHS. This is the same price and terms and conditions paid for by the NHS commissioner groups to independent and NHS providers.

When patients do need treatment, we firmly believe in patient choice.  We run a network of hospitals, medical clinics, fitness and wellbeing clubs and diagnostic units across the UK.

Private medical insurers
Many of the people who access our clinical services and procedures such as physiotherapy or surgery will come to us through their existing insurance schemes. Nuffield Health does not provide medical insurance, instead we work closely with providers to support their customers through their treatment.

For more information about paying through private medical insurance, visit here.

Employers and employees
We provide workplace health and wellbeing services to UK employers. Our customers include FTSE listed companies, universities, public bodies and their employees.

Our aim is to ensure we offer the right services for employees. We pride ourselves on our consultative approach, working with all stakeholders and health partners to truly understand an individual organisation’s needs.

For more information about how we work with employers, visit here.