COVID-19 Rehabilitation Programme

What is the COVID-19 Rehabilitation Programme?

Our COVID-19 Rehabilitation Programme supports coronavirus patients’ rehabilitation after their medical discharge. The programme’s been designed to support an ever-growing number of people who are finding it difficult to recover from the long-term effects of COVID-19.

The 12-week programme is led by a Rehabilitation Specialist and offers a blend of physical and emotional support. Weeks 1-6 will be completed virtually at home and weeks 7-12 at our Fitness and Wellbeing Centres.

The unique programme is tailored to the individual needs of participants. From goal setting to guided exercise and emotional wellbeing support, participants will be able to focus on the areas they need the most to help with their physical and emotional recovery.

A typical week consists of:

One-to-one call with your Rehab Specialist

Live exercise classes, tailored to your needs

On-demand workout, specific to your ability

'Build your own activity', to aid your recovery

Why are you offering this Programme?

Some patients with COVID-19 are likely to have lasting physical damage, resulting in difficulties with breathing and fatigue, as well as possible health difficulties. We know from previous epidemics, like SARS and MERS, that it can take years for patients to recover from these kinds of affects.

We’re the UK’s largest healthcare charity – working to build a healthier nation, and we recognise there’s a need to support people to rehabilitate after contracting the virus. Our unique, sector leading expertise means we are ideally placed to support this health need.

Where are you running this Programme?

We’re running the Rehabilitation programme in partnership with several NHS trusts, across the UK.

We’re currently running the Programme at our sites in:

  • Birmingham
  • Bridgend*
  • Cannock*
  • Chelmsford*
  • Cwmbran*
  • Didsbury*
  • Edinburgh*
  • Gloucester*
  • Gosforth
  • Manchester Printworks*
  • Oxford*
  • Plymouth*
  • Preston*
  • Rugby*
  • Stoke

* Launching March 2021

Can I apply to be on the Programme?

At the moment we’re only accepting referrals from the NHS trusts we are partnering with. We'll be expanding this Programme nationwide in 2021 and will keep this page updated with all the details.