The Cycling Clinic, is the first service of its kind in the North West to provide a range of solutions including cycling-specific injury assessments and treatment, bike fit, and aero and saddle health assessments.

The clinic is led by Phil Burt who is a world-renowned cycling health and performance innovator. An experienced physiotherapist and bike fitter, he spent 12 years as the Head of Physiotherapy at British Cycling, as well as 5 years as Consultant Physiotherapist at Team Sky. After a long career supporting the world’s best at 3 Olympic Games and 7 Tours de France, Phil is now concentrating on using his expertise to help cyclists at all levels to improve their health, comfort and performance. The Cycling Clinic is open to individuals, clubs and groups across all levels of ability.


Off bike assessment

This involves a full musculoskeletal review including history and examination. The key is to set a goal, around which the plan will develop. After this, you’ll leave with a clear treatment plan – if required – including rehabilitation exercises, physiotherapy and onward referral to Phil Burt’s network of cycling health specialists.

Bike fit

A full musculoskeletal assessment including history and examination is followed by an on-bike fit assessment using the Retül 3D motion capture system. More technology such as GebioMized saddle pressure mapping may be used, or even frontal area assessment using a depth camera.

We’ll discuss initial findings with you before making suggestions around what needs to be done to evolve your riding position towards your goal. We may recommend adjustments to equipment as well as your adaptability as a rider through a treatment plan, as well as rehabilitation if needed.

Saddle health assessment

Each saddle issue is unique, just like the rider. Some may be quite straightforward and you may leave wondering how you ever rode beforehand, such is the relief. Others may require careful investigation and guidance through the minefield of factors at play and options to change.

You’ll begin the session with an in-depth discussion of the issue before making a plan of action to resolve it. A full off- and on-bike assessment are normally needed – you can have the best saddle in the world for you, but if it’s not in the right position or you don’t actually sit on it properly, it simply won’t work the way it should.

Aero assessment

This session starts with the goal-setting exercise, full off-bike assessment and then an on-bike assessment. Once your optimum position is established, you’ll spend time determining how you can achieve it through contact point manipulation and rider adaptation – which is key. In Phil’s experience, so many people are given a position and told to ride it, with no idea if they’re holding it or what to work on if they can’t.

What to bring

The session isn’t strenuous at all, but there are showers if you’d like to take one, so bring a wash bag and a change of clothes if you like.

Please make sure you also bring:

  • a clean bike
  • cycling shorts and shoes
  • a sports bra/crop top for female riders to allow optimal bio-marker placement.

Meet the team

Mr Phil Burt

BSc Hons Pharmacology, BSc Hons Physiotherapy, HPC registered

Specialty Sport and Exercise Medicine

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