At any point in our lives, we could suffer from some kind of back problem, pain or spine injury. This area of our body is often put under immense strain and pain in this area of your body can be aggravated by poor posture, bad lifting techniques, inadequate stretching before or after exercise or a high BMI. However, there are also conditions that are less preventable, including rheumatism, bone deterioration, osteoporosis or osteoarthritis. Similarly, birth conditions like scoliosis (curvature of the spine) or spinal stenosis.

Our surgeons are supported by the latest diagnostic imaging technology, which may include MRI scanning, ultrasound or x-ray meaning we can provide a rapid diagnosis of your back and spine condition or injury.

Once a diagnosis has been made, our specialist consultants will suggest any treatment you may need. This could include conservative management techniques such as oral painkillers or steroid injections to minimally invasive spinal back surgery.

Our team also works side by side with musculoskeletal physiotherapists who can help with rehabilitation to get you back to maximum flexibility and movement in the shortest possible time.

Our procedures

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