If you lead an active lifestyle and regularly take part in sport or exercise, you will already be aware that the occasional injury can happen all too often; twisted knees, overstretched ligaments or torn muscles can be an unfortunate reality that can leave you out of the game for a frustratingly long time.

We offer regular outpatient clinics with our Consultant Sports Physicians, many of whom have experience of working with elite sportsmen and women or Premiership football teams. Your consultant will also work closely with our other hospital specialists such as our orthopaedic surgeons when necessary and is supported in their diagnosis by our onsite Diagnostic Centre and other innovative technologies such as 3D gait analysis.

Our team of experts will investigate the original causes of sports injuries and how these issues can be avoided in the future. We also offer advice that is relevant to you and your sport, including warm-up techniques and training suggestions, as well as biomechanical assessments to assess the level of muscle strength and range of joint motion in particular limbs.

If you require rehabilitation before returning to your sport, the hospital has a Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic for any rehabilitative treatment including platelet-rich plasma injections and shockwave therapy. We’ll advise you on how you can avoid similar injuries in the future and help you plan your fitness and training programmes.

By receiving the very best treatment and surgery, a large number of clients such as athletes, gymnasts, footballers, cyclists, skiers, runners have been able to continue performing at their optimum level.

*Please note that you will need a GP referral letter to be able to use most of our services.