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If you are suffering from shoulder pain, our expert team at The Holly Hospital can help. Your shoulders and elbows are particularly flexible joints, making them particularly at risk from injury. If you suffer from shoulder pain, strain or inflammation then performing the simplest of everyday tasks can become difficult and uncomfortable. Movements such as raising your arms or reaching behind you may be painful.

Our team of highly skilled orthopaedic specialists and surgeons are renowned in this line of work and offer the support and peace of mind you need for diagnosis, treatment and aftercare. Usually, an MRI or CT scan will be used to diagnose the problem within the shoulder but an arthroscopy procedure could be required. Once your condition has been diagnosed, one of our specialists will be able to suggest the right treatment for you. Our team of specialists also work alongside our team of musculoskeletal physiotherapists to ensure that you return to your previous level of fitness as quickly as possible.

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