Our AlterG treadmill based in Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital's physiotherapy department has already proven popular!

If you're not sure what it is and why it's so helpful for rehabilitation, this video explains how it works and how it can help you recover from a lower limb injury or surgery: https://youtu.be/Qllqv8S_6QU

How has the AlterG treadmill helped our rugby playing patient: a case study 

This is physio patient Jonah using our AlterG treadmill in Leeds as part of his rehabilitation.

Jonah is recovering from an ACL reconstruction, the anti-gravity chamber in the treadmill, allows Jonah to control how much of his weight is bearing on his joints as he moves. Gradually increasing the load, helps Jonah build up his strength and therefore be able to run again.

Jonah is a talented rugby player and looking forward to getting back on the pitch - this is the first time he's run in eight months - think that smile at the end of the video says it all!

To find out more about the AlterG treadmill and to book a slot, call: 0113 388 2064.

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