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Skip the wait and get rapid access to a private cervical smear test provided by our expert gynaecologists at Nuffield Health Bournemouth Hospital.

Why choose Nuffield Health Bournemouth Hospital for your cervical smear test?

At Nuffield Health Bournemouth Hospital our experienced gynaecologists offer you rapid access to cervical smear tests. If you are a woman and aged between 24 and 64 years, we recommend you undertake regular smear testing. Having a smear test can provide the reassurance you need or detect any potential abnormalities in your cervix that may be of concern.

Like any diagnostic procedure, detecting any cell abnormalities early on can greatly increase your chances of surviving a developing cancer. Don't worry though, abnormal results are often nothing to worry about and on average 1 out of 20 tests show mild changes.

Abnormal results rarely means that cancer has developed. Our expert consultant gynaecologists in Bournemouth understand your concerns around receiving an abnormal result. They will conduct a thorough examination and advise you if any follow-up procedures are needed.

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