Healthy eating and a good knowledge of nutritional properties of food can go a long way to helping weight loss, and of course exercise is important too. For those who have been carrying extra weight for a while, it would be wise to have a Health Assessment to check on any impact excess weight has had on internal organs etc. In severe cases, liposuction or the application of a gastric band may be necessary.

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How to break 4 bad eating habits

Our brains are telling us to eat more while our bodies suffer for it. Research Fellow and behaviour expert, Dr Sophie Attwood explains four bad habits you’ve probably formed and how to break them.

Calories vs exercise: the ins and outs of energy

They say mathematics can explain the universe. It can also explain why you’re not achieving your weight loss goals. Head of Preventative Medicine, Dr Ben Kelly crunches the numbers.

What does my Body Mass Index (BMI) mean?

Dr Benjamin Kelly explains how to calculate your BMI and what the results mean.

Weight loss: Small goals that make a big difference

Having a lot of weight to lose can feel like an impossible challenge at first. But by setting small goals you can achieve big things. Head of Fitness Chris Foster provides some tips.

Goal setting: Sticking at it

How many times have you set yourself a goal, only to give up weeks later? You’re not alone - our Head of Fitness, Chris Foster, is here to help you stay on track this time.

Muscle metabolism: organising your warehouse

Dr Ben Kelly explains why the real key to burning fat lies in understanding how your muscles work.