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10 fun games to play in the swimming pool

Some children are quite content to make their own fun in the swimming pool, but others might need some encouragement or risk getting bored. So here’s ten ways you can make swimming more interesting for your kids.

Finding the sugar balance

Sally Temple discusses the problems and benefits of sugar and explains how to maintain a healthy sugar level throughout the day.

Finding the sugar balance infographic

Do you know how much sugar you should be consuming? Sugar is part of a healthy balanced diet but as it is can be hidden in foods we often consume too much. This sugar infographic explains how to find the balance.

Children's food | Salmon bites with sweet potato mash

Dinner is a great meal to eat together as a family. Nutritional Therapist Sally Temple provides a tasty and nutritious dinner recipe.

Children's food | Build a chicken wrap

Lunch should provide around a third of your child’s nutrient intake so it’s important to make it healthy and balanced. Sally Temple provides some advice on a great lunch you can get the kids involved with.

Children's food | Bircher muesli breakfast

A good breakfast is so important for growing children because it will boost their concentration, behaviour and performance for those long days at school. Sally Temple provides a simple and nutritious recipe.