Active play

Nuffy Bear Day Nursery play takes into account each child’s increasing concentration span and developing skills and includes a variety of different activities.

We encourage children to play and have fun, forging friendships with each other and learning as they interact with their environment. They will have access to a variety of toys and play areas designed to stimulate their learning and development in fun ways.


We understand the importance of exercise to growing children, so our nurseries provide a safe environment in which to learn fun ways of being active.

For a set time during the day, your child will be engaged in organised physical activities, led by qualified members of staff.

We offer a broad variety of games, specialised music and movement sessions, and for younger children baby yoga and massage.


As part of an extensive national health club chain we are ideally placed to help teach your child to swim. Once a week during term time, 3 - 5 year olds can take part in 30-minute swimming lessons with a qualified swimming instructor.

All children in full-time nursery care will get a free junior membership to our Fitness & Wellbeing Gym.


Our nurseries also offer a range of fun and active children’s parties to suit all budgets, with activities and food to make the day extra special. Please ask a member of your local nursery's team for more information if you are interested in holding a children's party with us.

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