Daily menu

The meals and snacks at Nuffy Bear Day Nurseries are carefully designed to give your child the best nutrition throughout the day and maintain energy levels. Above all, they’re delicious.

Menus change daily and are displayed in the nursery for parents’ information. The variety of meals will introduce your child to new tastes and textures in a supportive environment.

Portions are controlled, and what your child eats will be recorded in their Learning Journal, so you know how they’re progressing with trying new things. We cater for a wide range of allergies and special dietary needs, simply let us know your requirements.

Expert-led events and activities

Our Nutritional Therapists run regular sessions with toddlers and pre-school children to talk about healthy choices and the variety of food in a fun and relaxed setting. Introducing them to new ingredients and cooking ideas in a hands-on way encourages familiarity with the broad variety of food groups essential to their development.

Our experts can offer you support with weaning, advice for managing fussy eaters and help with any general nutrition queries.

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