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Which Health Assessment is right for you?

When choosing a health check it is important that you choose the one that is right for you and your unique health needs. We offer four assessments, Lifestyle, Female, 360 and our most comprehensive 360+. Below you will see a short description of what each Health Assessment includes, to help you make the right decision.

360+ Health Assessment

Our most in-depth assessment, suitable for both male and female.

  • £995
  • Undertake up to 30 tests
  • Takes up to 180 minutes
  • If you want an in-depth focus on your cardiovascular health, are concerned about heart, fitness, cancer, or are planning to improve future health

360 Health Assessment

A comprehensive review of your health for both male and female.

  • £765
  • 29 tests
  • Takes up to 120 minutes
  • If you are concerned about any aspect of your current health, including the risk of diabetes and heart disease

Female Health Assessment

Our female-specific health assessment.

  • £465
  • 13 tests
  • Takes 60 minutes 
  • If you are concerned about: any aspect of female health including cholesterol, breast examination, cervical smear (if clinically indicated)

Lifestyle Health Assessment

A lifestyle assessment for male and female.

  • £349
  • 15 tests
  • Takes 60 minutes
  • If you want to reduce the risk of future disease through early detection
  • If you are interested in: a lifestyle and coaching session with a Nuffield Health Physiologist improving future health