Patients set to benefit from revolutionary hip and knee replacement surgery thanks to new robot assistant

Patients in need of hip and knee replacement surgeries are set to benefit from quicker recovery times and less pain, thanks to new robotic arm assisted surgery launching at Nuffield Health’s Exeter Hospital.

The city of Exeter is already known internationally as a centre of excellence for hip replacements due to the creation in 1970 of the world renowned Exeter Hip, which has become the most implanted and successful cemented hip stem in the world. Now this new, pioneering, robotic arm assisted surgery allows the latest generation of hip and knees replacements to be inserted with even greater accuracy. For future patients this means they should now experience faster recovery times along with less pain and swelling. Additionally, due to the implants being more accurately positioned the functional results and longevity of the implants may be further enhanced.

The state-of-the-art Mako™ robotic arm system works alongside the surgeon from the pre-surgery planning stage through to assisting in the surgery itself in order to improve the accuracy and precision of the procedure. Before surgery, a personalised 3D model is created based on the patient’s own CT scan, allowing the exact size and orientation of the hip or knee implant to be planned. During the operation the robot arm guides the surgeon, following the customised pre-surgery plan, reducing the risk of surgical errors in bone preparation and placement of the implants.

Professor A J Timperley, consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Nuffield Health Exeter Hospital said: “The Mako robotic arm is changing the way joint replacements are performed. Not only does it allow us to personalise each patient’s surgical plan pre-operatively so there’s a clear strategy for how we position the implant but during surgery we’re also able to validate the plan and make necessary adjustments. This allows us to execute with a high level of accuracy and predictability which has the potential to lead to better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.”

Paul Taylor, Hospital Director at Nuffield Health Exeter Hospital said: “In hip or knee replacements, excellence outcomes can be influenced by small differences in measurements and this new technology will support our surgeons in guiding their procedures, contributing to even better treatment options for our patients. Exeter has a distinctive hip replacement heritage and as there are only two other hospitals in the UK that offer robotic arm assisted surgery we are excited to now be joining them and offering the next progression in hip and knee replacement surgery.”

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Last updated Wednesday 29 November 2017