Men's Life Stages

As our bodies change over time, our health needs change too. Nuffield Health has distinguished four Men's Life Stages to help inform and support you to get the treatment you need, whatever stage you're at.

Choose your stage to find out more about the health issues relevant to you.

Stage 1 | Young men

Older men will often reflect on this stage in life as the “glory years”. Wonderful and confusing things are happening. You’re embarking on your first sexual relationships, leaving school, university and launching your careers. It’s time to live life to the full.

Stage 2 | Career. Family. Fun.

After your chaotic 20’s, you’re a little more mature and comfortable in your own skin. All your hard work is beginning to pay off, whether it’s a promotion at work, raising a family, or buying a home - you’re starting to think long term.

Stage 3 | Taking stock

Turning 40 no longer means you’re “over the hill”. If you have a young family, they still need you at your best but as they grow up, you’re finding more time for yourself.

Stage 4 | Back to you

Growing older can be some of the best years in a man’s life. Whether it’s finally taking that trip of a lifetime or spending quality time with your growing family, slowing down may seem like a long way off yet.


Last updated Wednesday 2 September 2020

First published on Wednesday 9 December 2015