Duathlon | 1 month to go training programme

If your duathlon is next month, use this programme from Personal Trainer Ryan Burn to achieve consistent results in training.

About the programme

This is part of a six month training programme that will help you to complete a 7.5k run 30k cycle 7.5k run duathlon. It incorporates strength and endurance exercises to bring you up to speed by the time of your main event. You can join the programme at any stage in your training.

In the plan, you'll see runs and cycles marked as 'endurance' or 'speed'. Endurance runs and cycles should be slow and steady. Speed runs and cycles should be run at around a seven on the rating of perceived exertion scale

'Brick' sessions should be completed continuously with no break in between. 


This month is a careful balance between maintaining fitness and getting adequate rest. Ease your training off throughout the month so that you have enough recovery time before the event.

Tip for this month:
Give yourself plenty of rest in this last month to allow your muscles recovery time ahead of the big day and to help prevent injury. Find out more about avoiding injury when you're cycling here.

By the end of this month you should:
Feel ready and confident that you can complete your duathlon with a good time. 

Training this month:
Ease your training down this month and ensure you have enough recovery time before your event. Your last week should look like this:

Day 1Run – speed – 10k
Day 33k run, 10k cycle, 3k run, rest, repeat three times
Day 4(No Strength on the final week)
Day 6 (Brick)30 min bike (incl 4 x 30sec at race speed) 15 min run (incl 4 x 30sec at race speed)
Day 7 REST


Do two sets of the following with a minute's rest in between, but don't do any strength work in the final week:

  • 35 x Squats – one of the key movements to be strengthened and worked on for a better range of movement 
  • 35 x Lunges – great development for sports-specific movement
  • 50 x Step ups - to activate the glutes and prepare your legs for the stresses of cycling  
  • 35 x Press ups into TRX row – for upper body strength in both push and pull movements
  • 80 secs x Swiss ball plank – for core strength, which will help with explosive power, holding the correct bike position and torso control when running
  • 30 secs each x Stretches - Hip flexor, quads, hamstrings, glutes, lats and chest to help prevent injury

Last updated Friday 10 June 2016

First published on Thursday 12 May 2016