5 top tips for reaching your fitness goals

Matt Burge Matt Burge Fitness and Wellbeing Manager - Rugby
How often have you set yourself a new goal, been really motivated on day one, then a couple of days later fallen off the bandwagon completely, almost as if that goal never existed? Follow these 5 simple steps from Matt Burge, Fitness & Wellbeing Manager at our Rugby gym, to make sure this doesn’t happen to you again and you finally tick off that milestone you wanted to achieve. Let’s do this!

1. Set realistic goals

When setting your fitness goals a common theme is to throw yourself in at the deep end with your end goal. Your end goal could be ‘to lose 5 stone’ or ‘run a marathon,’ which in many cases will take months or years to reach.

Break your end goal down into smaller process goals each month. For example ‘lose 2lbs’ or ‘run 2km further than the last month.’ These changes will gradually get you towards your end outcome goal while keeping your motivation high.

2. Educate yourself

If you're unsure on how to reach one of your goals, find someone who does or, failing that, do your own research online.

Hiring a professional in whatever field your goals relate to can save you lots of time and energy, which will pay off in the long term.

3. Understand that motivation fluctuates

You’ve set yourself a new goal. You’ve done your first workout or eaten your first healthy meal. Motivation is high. ‘I’ll do this easily’ is the thought in your mind on that first day of this new routine. Day 2 comes around and all of a sudden that doughnut looks awfully tempting. ‘Only one won’t matter, will it?’

Accept that your motivation will fluctuate, and that it’s more than likely your new routine won’t always go perfectly to plan. This is fine, don’t beat yourself up or fall off the bandwagon, just keep mainly consistent with your new routine and you will see great results.

4. Being accountable to your goals

You can either be accountable to yourself or to someone else. If you’re not as self motivated, tell a friend or family member what your goal is. Check in with them regularly to keep yourself on track.

5. Reward yourself

It’s important to celebrate your successes and reward your hard work. Remember you’ve made some big changes to your life and routine. So celebrate each kg that comes off your weight, or every extra mile you run. Besides, a glass of wine every now and then never hurt anyone!

Last updated Monday 25 April 2022

First published on Tuesday 22 June 2021