Our Health Assessments use the latest health testing technology. A doctor or physiologist will guide you through a comprehensive range of tests, with plenty of time to discuss and explain the results. You can book a Health Assessment on the following basis:

If you have any questions, please contact the Reward team at mybenefits@nuffieldhealth.com

How to book

In order to book your Health Assessment please call 03452 302 040. Please provide your full name, date of birth and payroll number. The Central Bookings Team will be able to source an appointment and location for you whilst you are on the phone. Also visit www.nuffieldhealth.com/health-assessments to find out where your nearest centre is.  

*With line manager permission and subject to clinic capacity and availability - There may be instances where booking priority will need to be given to Nuffield Health customers and as such bookings at some Health Assessments centres may be restricted to booking 3 months+ in advance or you may be asked to take a last minute booking in the next two weeks.

Useful Information


Who is eligible for a Health Assessment?

An assessment is available to all employees after a period of six months' of continuous service. Assessments are provided free of charge regardless of age, working hours, location or role.

Which assessment am I entitled to?

You are entitled to a Health Assessment on the following basis:

If you are a female employee over the age of 40 you might want to consider having a mammogram as part of your health assessment. You should read the information on the Nuffield Health website http://www.nuffieldhealth.com/treatments/breast-screening-and-awareness to decide if mammography is for you. Please consider the harms as well as the benefits when making your decision. Breast screening with mammography can save lives by finding cancers early but can also cause anxiety and unnecessary treatment in some women. Your health assessment doctor can discuss this with you.

Are Bank workers or self-employed staff eligible for this benefit?

No, free Health Assessments are limited to directly employed staff on a Nuffield Health contract of employment.

Who provides the Health Assessment?

Health & Wellbeing Assessments will be provided by the Nuffield Health clinical team at your choice of Wellbeing Assessment centre. Visit www.nuffieldhealth.com/health-assessments to find out where your nearest centre is.

Am I allowed to attend a Health Assessment during working hours?

If eligible for an assessment, you may attend during working hours with the prior agreement of your Manager. This includes travelling time where there is no assessment facility at your normal place of work. Travelling expenses incurred to attend a screening are not paid.

What if I need to cancel my booking?

If you need to cancel or rearrange your Health Assessment appointment with less than 3 full working days (this includes the day of the appointment) you will incur a 50% charge (fee dependent on the Health Assessment product), regardless of the reason.

For example if you have an appointment at 2pm on Tuesday that needs to be cancelled or changed you will need to call 03452 302 040 before 2pm on the Thursday.

Can I choose to have a more in-depth Health Assessment or more frequent Health Assessments?

You may increase the frequency of your Health Assessment or opt to have a more in-depth Health Assessment, but you will need to fund the difference in cost yourself; you can discuss this with the bookings team at the time of booking.

What tests does a Health Assessment include?

For details of the areas covered by each Health Assessment, please refer to the individual brochures:

Am I entitled to any further tests as a result of a Health Assessment?

Any extra tests or consultations required as a result of screening must be paid for by you.  However, if you or your partner are members of the Nuffield Health Healthcare Scheme you should check with the scheme administrators Helpline (0800 854 910) before incurring any further charges as these additional tests or consultations may be covered.

Can I book a Health Assessment for my partner & other family members?

We occasionally offer discounted rates for friends and family on a promotional basis; these will be advertised when available. The bookings team can confirm whether any discounts apply when you call to make your booking. 

Are Nuffield Health Health Assessments considered to be a taxable benefit in kind?

Company paid Health Assessments are not currently regarded as a taxable benefit by HMRC.