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Why choose Wessex Hospital for your spinal treatment?

  • Treatment by one of the four Spinal Senior Consultant Surgeons that currently practice at Wessex Nuffield Hospital (all of whom also practice at University Hospital Southampton). They have a wealth of extensive experience and expertise spanning many decades in orthopaedic spinal surgery, some of whom hold eminent positions and roles within the NHS and local region.
  • Investment in the £1.5 million ‘state of the art’ robotic assisted navigation in spinal surgery which combines the surgeon’s knowledge and expertise with the next revolution in robotic technology for improved and more accurate implant placement.
  • Input from the Spinal Lead Nurse with 35 years of NHS experience and expertise, who was the Spinal Advanced Nurse Practitioner on the Spinal ward at University Hospital Southampton.
  • Occurrence of regular robust multi-disciplinary team meetings to discuss complex spinal surgical cases in order to have senior consensus of opinion on the best course of treatment for certain patients.
  • Weekly Spine School enhanced recovery programme, including follow-up service
  • In-house X-ray department (for X-rays, MRI, CT and DEXA scans).
  • Physiotherapy department with access to the hydrotherapy pool and gym.
  • Outpatient department for wound reviews and general advice.

What can I expect for my treatment at Wessex Hospital?

  • Your journey will start with a consultation with your chosen Consultant.
  • You may be referred for further or up-to-date MRI or CT scans here at Nuffield Hospital.
  • If required, you may be referred for physiotherapy, pain management, pain relieving or diagnostic procedures before surgery is initially considered.
  • Short wait times if offered spinal surgery.

What can I expect if decide to have spinal surgery here at Wessex Hospital?


  • Complex cases are discussed at a multi-disciplinary team meeting involving consultant spinal surgeons, consultant radiologists, consultant pain specialists, spinal lead nurse and physiotherapists amongst others. This ensures robust discussion and decision-making by senior clinicians, compliant with national and Nuffield evidence-based best practices for spinal management.
  • You will be invited to attend our Spine School Enhanced Recovery programme (at no extra cost), run by the Spinal Lead Nurse. This seminar allows you to find out how to prepare yourself and your home for surgery and discharge and have your questions answered in a relaxed small group setting.
  • Pre-assessment clinic appointment includes: taking a medical history, ECG, routine pre-operative blood samples, vital signs checking, height and weight checking. You will be given advice and general information on preparing for your surgery.
  • Admitted to your own room (en-suite) on the day of surgery.
  • Meet your Consultant Surgeon, Anaesthetist, Spinal Nurse, ward Nurse and Theatre team for pre-operative review and completion of safety checks.


  • Regular review by Consultant surgeon, Spinal Lead Nurse, ward Nurses and Physiotherapist.
  • Enhanced recovery post-operative practices: early removal of drains and drains, good pain relief, encouragement to eat, drink and move.
  • Discharge information given to you and sent to your GP.
  • Telephone follow-up by Spinal Lead Nurse when home (as part of enhanced recovery programme).
  • An initial 2-week follow-up appointment with your appointed Physiotherapist.
  • Individualised rehabilitation programme guided by your Physiotherapist (including hydrotherapy if appropriate).
  • Opportunity to join Recovery Plus which is an exercise-based recovery programme, including access to the hospital’s onsite rehabilitation gym for 3 months.
  • If required follow up wound review service in outpatient department.
  • Availability of Spinal Lead Nurse to answer any questions or queries

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