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Why choose Nuffield Health Warwickshire Hospital for your orthopaedic or spinal treatment?

Are you suffering from aches and pains, an old sporting injury or an orthopaedic condition? Perhaps the constant pain and discomfort are impacting your quality of life. At Nuffield Health Warwickshire Hospital our expert surgeons specialise in performing a wide range of upper limb, lower limb and spinal treatments with rapid access to private treatment.

Our consultants work closely with our diagnostic imaging team to provide you with rapid access to X-Ray, MRI scans, Ultrasound and CT, whilst our team of highly experienced physiotherapists in Leamington Spa can get you back on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

Nuffield Health Warwickshire Hospital is proud to offer robotic-arm assisted surgery, providing patients with a personalised surgical plan for joint replacement surgery.

The state-of-the-art Mako™ robotic arm system works alongside the surgeon from the pre-surgery planning stage through to assisting in the surgery itself in order to improve the accuracy and precision of the procedure. Before surgery, a personalised 3D model is created based on the patient’s own CT scan, allowing the exact size and orientation of the hip or knee implant to be planned. During the operation, the robot arm guides the surgeon, following the customised pre-surgery plan, reducing the risk of surgical errors in bone preparation and placement of the implants.

Higher accuracy means the replacement fits as well as it possibly can and ensures the joint functions as normally as possible after surgery. It's been shown to result in a shorter hospital stay, quicker recovery and higher satisfaction. There's also strong evidence of decreased pain following surgery.

Our private hospital situated in Leamington Spa has been providing patients across Warwickshire and the West Midlands with rapid access to private orthopaedic and spinal surgery, through treatment plans which are individually tailored and inclusive of all hospital costs. Due to our convenient location, we are able to provide patients with plenty of free parking and easy access to local public transport.

Our consultants have extensive experience in all upper and lower limb treatments including:

Upper limb surgery

Lower limb surgery 

Spinal & neurosurgery

How to book a private consultation at Nuffield Health Warwickshire Hospital

Before you proceed with any orthopaedic or spinal treatment, you will need to book an initial consultation with one of our experts at Nuffield Health Warwickshire Hospital. To book, please call our dedicated hospital enquiry team on 0300 1311400 (local rate), or fill out a contact form below.

Please let the enquiry handler know if you have had any recent X-rays or scans when booking your consultation, as there will be additional charges for any diagnostic imaging needed.