As an NHS patient receiving treatment at a Nuffield Health Hospital you can focus on your treatment and recovery without the worry of hospital borne infections. All Nuffield Health Hospitals have vigorous cleaning standards, and keeping our hospitals clean and free of MRSA and C.difficule is a top priority.

We have been offering free NHS care under the Patient Choice government initiative across England since 2006 and have successfully treated many hundreds of patients during this time.

Patient Choice means you can choose where to receive your NHS treatment at no additional charge. Your GP will assess your needs and help you towards making your decision. As a patient at Nuffield Health you will benefit from:

  • Short waiting lists (depending on location and treatment)
  • En-suite bedroom
  • Extended visiting hours
  • Infection free environment
  • Selection of menus suitable for all dietary requirements

For more information about getting treated on the NHS ask your GP, or visit NHS Choose & Book.