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Why choose Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital for your spinal care?


Our consultants and physiotherapists are among the most experienced and respected in Glasgow. Our Spinal Centre in Glasgow is home to Mr Fraser Dean and Mr Nick Brownson, two highly qualified and established orthopaedic spinal surgeonsOur surgeons have been commended on their ability to talk patients through their condition and to explain the reasons behind the spinal pain and discomfort that you are experiencing.

Quick appointments

We can provide you with rapid access to treatment and have multiple spinal clinics running throughout the week, so there are numerous options for you to tackle your back pain, to suit your availability.

Co-ordinated team approach

Our multidisciplinary team of spinal specialists can provide patients an accurate diagnosis and personalised treatment plan for all spine conditions, often in the first visit. Our spinal surgeons work closely with other clinical colleagues, offering patients some of the most comprehensive spinal treatments available.

Patient satisfaction after spinal consultations and treatment at Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital is regularly monitored, and is extremely high.

Our spinal surgeons are fellowship trained and have advanced spinal surgery experience performing:

Booking a consultation with a spinal specialist in Glasgow

  • Your consultation will take place at the Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital, where we will keep you informed during every stage of your treatment
  • Your consultant will talk you through your condition and explain the reasons behind the pain and discomfort you’re experiencing
  • It is usual for your consultant to refer you for a diagnostic scan. Once you have had this your consultant will talk it through with you and explain any treatment options
  • Only about 15% of patients seen by the consultants presenting with spine pain will need surgery.

We know it is important that you choose to see the right spinal specialists with experience in spinal conditions that can help prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate your condition. Our Spinal surgeons and pain management consultants have particular expertise in dealing with procedures for, degenerative conditions and spinal deformities and general spinal pain. This covers a significant number of common back and neck pain conditions.

Please call our dedicated hospital enquiry team on 01413 349 441 or fill out a contact form below to arrange a consultation with our experts.

Non-surgical treatment

The Nuffield Glasgow Spinal Centre offers a full range of treatment choices in addition to surgery. We can provide non-surgical treatment options including pain management and spinal injection and physiotherapy, with an emphasis on education in spinal pain and injury prevention and therapy through rehabilitation exercises.

Take 5 minutes to do your 5 a-day back exercises

Patient testimonials

"Saying I do to Nuffield helped me marry my wife" - Steven Cahill

“It’s changed my life.  I can’t begin to say just how grateful I am to Mr. Nicolas Brownson and Nuffield Glasgow.  There were times when I never thought I’d have my life back and for the first time in four years I am pain free.  One of the biggest moments for me is when my son said, ‘daddy can play wrestling with me now’. That meant the world to me, as did being able to walk down the aisle to marry my wife.”

"Thanks to Nuffield I am back to my best and better than ever" - Jayne Gillies

“I couldn’t believe it when the operation was over and all the pain I had been experiencing had gone just like that.  When the pain was at its worst I couldn’t see how it would ever get better. Before my diagnosis I had every eventuality built up in my head and none of them ended positively. Mr. Fraser Dean was able to put me at ease instantly and after my MRI and diagnosis, he talked me through the process and procedure I would go through and his reassurance was a great deal of comfort.”