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During your stay with us we aim to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Therefore we will provide you with a variety of excellent choices of freshly prepared meals which are both aimed at aiding your recovery and appetising.

A steward/hostess service will be available to you every day and he or she will be pleased to take care of all your food and drink requirements during your stay with us.

Each dish on our menu has been created with the aid of a dietician and nutritionist ensuring every kind of diet is catered for. You will find a key and symbols on the menu as to which meals carters for which diet. If you have any special dietary needs outside of this please lets us know and a chef will be pleased to visit and discuss your individual requirements.

Patient satisfaction is very important to us and at the end of your stay you will be given the opportunity to feedback to us by way of a written/digital questionnaire. We would ask that you spend a just few minutes to fill this is as your comments are extremely valuable to us, this helps to evaluate and improve our food provision and service to the patients and guests we serve.

We aim to provide good quality food and a high standard of service at all times. Should you require any assistance in any way please do not hesitate to contact a member of our catering team.

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Visitors are welcome

Your guests are welcome to dine with you and can choose from our range of dishes. Orders can be taken via your steward/hostess.

For the full range of dishes to be available we would appreciate guest’s orders for lunch by 10.00am and dinner by 3.00pm. Please find below a list of meal prices in which the charges will be added to your account.

  • Continental Breakfast £4.16*
  • English Breakfast £5.24*
  • Hot snacks £3.80*
  • Main courses £8.11*
  • Sandwiches  £3.86*
  • Desserts  £2.93*
  • Jacket potato and fillings £4.53*
  • Salads £4.53*
  • Tea and coffee Complimentary*

*All prices subject to change