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We aim to aid your recovery with a first class service, excellent menus and pleasant surroundings. All of our inpatient rooms are individual, single occupancy rooms with en-suite facilities. 

You will be shown to your room by a member of staff who will point out our Fire Safety instructions, for you to read over, and all of our in room facilities.

Your Room’s Facilities

Nurse aid call system

There will be a nurse aid pull cord located next to your bed and in the bathroom should you require a nurse at any point.


A television with integrated radio is provided in your room with our compliments and is controlled by a remote control located by your bedside. We ask that you consider other patients by keeping the volume at an acceptable level.

DVD selection

We also have a wide variety of DVD’s available for your entertainment. Please ask a member of staff when you visit for more details.


Complimentary toiletries will be available in your bathroom for your use.


The telephone in your room is available for your own use. For an outside line please dial (9), followed by the number you wish to reach. Calls will be invoiced to you at the current local rates, which can be obtained from reception if you wish.

Incoming calls can be put through to your room via reception. During the immediate port operative period we will divert your calls to the nurses’ station so that you are not disturbed.  If you would like your calls diverted at any other time, please let a member of staff know or dial 0 to ask reception.

Free wireless internet

Wireless internet is available for all patients. Please ask a member of staff for the user name and password for access.

Complimentary newspapers

If you would like a complimentary newspaper delivered to your room please let a member of staff know. An additional charge will be added for any extra newspapers.


If you would like mail delivered to the hospital while you are with us it should be addressed to you by name at:

Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital
25 Beaconsfield Road
G12 0PJ

Parcels and flowers can be left at reception and will be brought to your room as soon as they arrive.

If you have outgoing mail, reception will be happy to post it on your behalf.


Our expert housekeeping team takes pride in maintaining the utmost standard of cleanliness and hygiene throughout our hospital.

Before your visit your room will have been carefully cleaned and prepared by our team. To make your stay as comfortable as possible our team will also visit you daily to clean your room, bathroom, empty your bins and refresh your laundry.

Additional services

Should you require an interpreter we will be happy to arrange this for you.  Our literature can also be made available in braille, large print or in audio format if required.

Please let us know if any of these services are required before your admission.