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You can enjoy peace of mind with fast access to appointments, on-site diagnostic assessment and day-case surgery within our calming, unique and quality clinical environment.

Do gynaecological issues only affect certain age groups?

Although some issues tend to develop with ageing, women can experience a variety of gynaecological concerns at all stages of life.

What gynaecology services does Edinburgh Hospital offer?

To help provide peace of mind and access to specialists when you need it most, our consultants offer specialist clinics, including:

  • One-stop gynae health assessment - a consultation with a gynaecologist including cervical smear, pelvic exam, blood tests, breast examination and instruction
  • Women’s health physiotherapy - can be beneficial in improving muscle tone and pelvic floor stability in women at any stage, as well as following pregnancy and child birth.

How long does it take to get test results back?

At Nuffield Health Edinburgh Hospital we offer fast access to our on-site diagnostic imaging services, including MRI and ultrasound, and quick turn around on blood tests.

Because of this, any required treatment, therapy, or onward referral to a private speciality can be arranged for you quickly and conveniently to ensure continuity of your care and speedy reassurance if you have concerns.

How much do gynaecology services at Edinburgh Hospital cost?

Prices for our gynaecology services vary - more detailed information is available following your consultation.

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Specialty Gynaecology

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