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Nuffy Bear Children's Day Nursery in Stoke Poges

Nuffield Health Stoke Poges Day Nursery, located near Slough, opened in May 2000. It's located in a residential area of Buckinghamshire and operates from 3 fully equipped ground floor rooms in a self-contained building on the site of our gym, with facilities for the disabled.

Our children have access to a secure outdoor play area, which is open each weekday from 08:00 to 18:00, 51 weeks of the year.

Come and have a look around our children's nursery

Interested in using our Nuffy Bear Day Nursery in Stoke Poges? Why not come and meet our team and see our facilities?

We run tours of the nursery Monday to Friday, excluding 12:00 - 14:00 when the children are having lunch.

Stoke Poges Fitness & Wellbeing Gym
Wexham Street
Stoke Poges
Near Slough

Health & safety

Health and safety is a fundamental factor of our nursery, if children are safe, healthy and happy in their environment then they can reach their full potential.

We have a duty to safeguard and promote the health and welfare of the children in our care. This commitment is reflected in our policies for Child Sun Protection and Medicine and Sickness.

What we offer our children at our Nuffy Bear Day Nursery:

  • Children in the 3 - 5 years age group are offered swimming lessons within our Stoke Poges gym
  • Our nursery is registered to care for a maximum of 54 children in the early years age range
  • We have 3 rooms: 1) 'Piglet' room - 3 months - 2 years 2) 'Tiggers' room - 2 - 3 years 3) 'Winnie the Pooh' room - 3 - 5 years
  • We had a refurbishment in June 2013 which extended our garden area. We also built an under 2 years garden area
  • A forest area has been developed and we are currently developing a growing area for the children to grow their own vegetables and collect for meal times
  • Children are able to move freely around the rooms and choose activities freely or can participate in adult led activities
  • All children have a named key persons allocated to them
  • Observations are done on the children to enable us to provide the correct activities and resources for their development
  • The parents are given feedback to encourage parent and partnership
  • We have free flow for the 3 - 5 years and this allows the children to develop choices of whether they want to play inside or out. Playing outside provides opportunities for children to use all their senses, to experience wonder and enchantment to work on a larger scale and to enjoy a greater sense of freedom and independence
  • Our nurseries follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. This includes education for children 3 months to 5 years
  • The curriculum we follow prepares children for mainstream school
  • Our professional enthusiastic and welcoming staff are all DBS checked
  • We provide rich enabling environments, and stimulating activities
  • Knowledgeable staff to support children’s learning and development
  • Working in partnership with the parents and families of the children in our care
  • Training our staff for the crucial role they play in supporting children’s learning and development
  • Parents’ evenings are held 3 times a year to discuss your child’s progress, but the key person is always available to discuss any concerns.

Holiday Camps out of term time

We also run holiday camps for children 5 years to 12 years throughout non term times.

Children access swimming as a structured and fun lesson with qualified instructors, have activities in the forest school and the holiday scheme provides a fun packed day of varied activities including crafts, cooking, team games and outdoor play.

Our professional and welcoming staff are all DBS checked and qualified.

Useful documents for parents: