While this is different from hydrotherapy or aquatic therapy that is conducted in a specialised heated hydrotherapy pool, water-based physiotherapy exercise will help build strength while the water supports your weight and protects muscles and joints. The water helps relieve pain and relax the body, and has a buoyance effect, so increasing ease of movement. The benefits of water-based Physiotherapy as part of a rehabilitation plan can be significant.

It is suitable for after joint replacement or some types of spinal surgery, and can also help with regaining confidence with exercise after a broken bone, or period of immobility from illness leading to deconditioning and loss of fitness, once you are medically well enough to take part. There are also chronic conditions which benefit from Water Based Physiotherapy including, chronic back pain, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis and Hypermobility Syndrome.

We offer one to one sessions with the Physiotherapist after a land based initial assessment to tailor the treatment to the individual. We will be offering group classes in the near future.
The pool is maintained at 29°C with showers in the changing rooms and poolside. We also have a staircase with rails to aid mobility in and out of the pool and a large range of floats and equipment for use in the pool.