LES MILLS TONE™ is a popular, low-impact, whole body workout that incorporates the use of props such as VIVE™ balls, VIVE™ tubes and also your own body weight to boost overall fitness and core strength.

You can expect inspirational Nuffield Health instructors and energising music to motivate you every step of the way. To help keep your workout fresh a new LES MILLS TONE™ class is released every three months, complete with new musical accompaniment and choreography.

What should I expect from the class?

The class starts with some low impact cardio work designed to burn calories and improve heart health. We then move into functional resistance training where we use both our body weight and resistance bands to train your body. We finish with some great core conditioning work and a cool down to strength and restore your body, so your ready for the next class!

The key benefits of a LES MILLS TONE™  class:

  • Improves muscular strength & endurance
  • Improves flexibility, posture, agility & balance
  • Aids weight loss through elevated calorie expenditure
  • Reduces the risk of bone and joint degeneration
  • Aids general wellness and helps to reduce stress.