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What is TRX® Suspension Training?

The TRX® suspension trainer is an exercise system that leverage's gravity and your bodyweight to allow you to perform many different workouts.

You're in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise because you are able to adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance accordingly.

Is TRX® training for me?

Anyone can benefit from this form of suspension training. This is because you can control the level of resistance / difficulty by simply shifting the position of your body.

Whether you are undertaking rehabilitation after being injured, hard core athletic training for a marathon or gentle weekly exercises just to keep fit, TRX® is an awesome workout.

How is TRX® different from other types of resistance training?

The majority of weight training only works one or two muscle groups at a time, which is contradictory to most peoples normal everyday activities. As a result of this it is more likely to lead to overuse injuries and unwanted muscular imbalances.

Suspension training with TRX® works very differently to this and allows you to carry out many different motions and thus work multiple muscles and joints simultaneously.

What’s the best way to start TRX® training?

For beginners to TRX® we suggest you choose around 5 different exercises that suit your specific fitness level.

Start with a single set of each working at 10 to 12 repetitions. You should start with a less advanced resistance or body position and take the time to make sure that your technique is perfect. It is important to remember to take a rest between exercises.

Once you feel comfortable with your movements try to slowly introduce more challenging resistances, increase the number of exercises and the volume of your workout, whilst decreasing your breaks between each set.

How long should I workout in my gym?

To start with we suggest 20 to 25 minutes of training on the TRX®. Building up your sets, reps or additional exercises will allow you to slowly increase the intensity of your workout.

What is most important to remember is that doing even 10 minutes of activity is much better than nothing at all. 

If you know that you don’t have time to get through your full routine, try to resist the urge to blow it off all together. Even shortened sessions on TRX® can be hugely beneficial.

TRX® results:
  • Delivers a fast and effective total-body workout
  • Helps build your core muscle groups
  • Increases your muscular endurance
  • Benefits people of all fitness levels from professional athletes to beginners.

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