Quiz | How to find and use your key character strength

Use this quiz to identify your key character strength and find out more about how to use it to your advantage.

We all have strengths and talents, and we also have weaknesses. Often, when we are stressed, we might notice our weaknesses and ignore our abilities. This can lead us to believe that we don’t have what it takes to meet challenges and demands in our lives.

Taking some time to try and notice your strengths or get feedback from others on what these are, means that you can work out if you use them well or if they can be unhelpful at times.

For example: You might be very naturally supportive of others around you, but if you spend too much time putting others’ needs first, you may neglect your own and not gain the support you need.

Human strengths of character have been classified in 6 areas:

  • Wisdom and knowledge
  • Courage
  • Humanity
  • Justice
  • Temperance
  • Transcendence.

Take the quiz to find out your strongest character quality, and what it means:

Critical questions

Now you have identified your key strength it will be helpful to ask yourself these critical questions:

  • Is this always helpful for me?
  • In what situations is it most helpful?
  • Are there times when it may contribute to my stress?
  • Are there any other strengths I would love to make more of, but don’t get the chance to?

Next you should use this information to take it forward and apply it into your day-to-day life.

Record what you notice about the impact of putting these steps into practice in your daily life over the next seven days.

This will help you balance how and when you apply your strength to the best effect.

Keep going

You can identify your own strengths without the quiz too. It is important to take your time with this process, and really look for the positives. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What am I doing when I’m at my best?
  • What do others say they appreciate or admire about me?
  • When you have a tough day, what strengths or qualities do you use to get through it effectively?

Try and name as many strengths as possible, even if you don’t rate yourself particularly highly on them, and ask others for their feedback. Then ask the critical questions and repeat the steps for each strength.

Last updated Tuesday 17 September 2019

First published on Tuesday 20 September 2016