The Florence Nightingale Foundation and Nuffield Health partner to launch the new Green Healthcare Leadership Programme

The Florence Nightingale Foundation and Nuffield Health, the UK’s largest healthcare charity, are inviting applications from nurses across the independent sector (including registered nurses in hospitals, hospices, not-for-profits) for a new, bespoke leadership development programme called the Green Healthcare Leadership Programme.

The new leadership programme – run by the Florence Nightingale Foundation (FNF) and commissioned by us – will see 20 nurses from across the independent sector (including 10 of our nurses) take part in a blended learning programme that will be delivered over a 6-month period, starting in October 2022, with applications open on Monday 13 June on the FNF’s website here

The new programme focuses on sustainable healthcare in the independent sector and will require nurses as part of the programme to implement a nurse-led quality improvement project to support environmental sustainability. Expert speakers and thought-leaders will contribute towards programme delivery and will facilitate and personal and professional development. The outcomes of the programme will be presented at the celebration event to a VIP audience.

Greta Westwood, Chief Executive Officer of the Florence Nightingale Foundation, says: “There are some amazing nurses in the independent sector and we urge any nurse who is interested in the Green Healthcare Leadership Programme to apply through our website here.

“This new, bespoke leadership programme is an exciting opportunity for independent sector nurses. The new programme offers a supportive learning space for the successful 20 nurses to develop leadership identity, capacity, and capability to influence organisational and patient outcomes at a local, national and international level of healthcare delivery. In addition, our partnership with Nuffield Health supports the development of the nursing workforce within the independent sector.”

The new leadership programme is part of a multi-year partnership between us and the FNF. The partnership aims to elevate the importance of nursing influence across the independent sector, encouraging nurses to improve clinical care through quality and service improvement, and policy development. For example, in a recent survey, 82.5% of FNF Leaderships Scholars identified that they made an impact to health and social care policy and practice at their workplaces. 

Our Head of Quality & Professional Practice, Ben Davies, adds: “Nurses have a key part to play in cultivating clinical excellence through environmentally-sustainable service improvement and this programme will support them to do this.”

“The successful applicants for this leadership programme will undertake a quality improvement (QI) project focused on sustainability in healthcare, driving improvement through carbon-reductive clinical initiatives and evidence-based practices, which aims to have a regional or national impact. As healthcare providers work towards the achievement of net-zero goals, any and all initiatives that reduce carbon emissions must be embraced and championed. We are excited about working with the Florence Nightingale Foundation to deliver this innovative programme.”

Last updated Monday 20 June 2022

First published on Monday 20 June 2022