Nuffield Health’s sustainable healthcare activities recognised with two prestigious nursing award nominations

Nuffield Health’s Haywards Heath Hospital team and its Green Healthcare Leadership Programme have both been shortlisted as finalists for two separate sustainable healthcare awards.

The charity, which has set itself a target to reach carbon net zero by 2040, with a shorter-term goal of reaching carbon net zero in its operations by 2030, launched the Green Healthcare Leadership Programme in October 2022 in partnership with the Florence Nightingale Foundation.

The programme, which champions nurse-led environmental sustainability, saw 18 nurses from across the independent sector complete the challenge of implementing nurse-led quality improvement projects to support environmental sustainability at their workplaces.

These projects include carbon-reduction and waste management initiatives that have resulted in greater use of reusables, reduction of clinical waste, and initiatives that de-carbonise patient pathways.

The programme has now grown to include 30 nurses and midwives from NHS England for its second year, that started on the 17th of October this year (2023).

The Programme has now been nominated in the Best Social Responsibility Programme category at the Nursing Times Workforce Awards that take place on 21 November (2023).

Nuffield Health Haywards Heath Hospital has been nominated for the Greener Nursing Award category at the Royal College of Nursing Awards, taking place on 10 November (2023) in Liverpool.

The Sussex-based hospital’s ‘Green Dream Team’ spearheaded a reduction in the use of clinical waste. In nine months, this has saved an estimated 4.2 tonnes from deep landfill, reduced clinical waste by 34% and reduced the carbon footprint by 1045.80 kg carbon dioxide equivalent (C02e) - all despite an increase in 12% inpatient activity compared to 2021-22. This would require 56 mature trees one year to offset the C02e.

Julia Currier, Clinical Sister at the hospital and graduate of the Green Healthcare Leadership Programme, says: “This project has empowered our hospital team who have concerns about climate change and the impact of sustainability within healthcare. It’s only a small change in behaviour but the effect when everyone makes a small change has resulted in a significant reduction in clinical waste generated by the hospital site.

“The hospital team have been receptive to making green choices and changes, this can be seen through the creation of a multi-disciplinary ‘Green Dream Team’, representing a variety of departments within the hospital

“Patients have been very receptive towards our sustainability efforts and the serious commitment that Nuffield Health is making towards providing carbon zero healthcare. This enthusiasm was demonstrated through ‘Sustainability Week’ where patients were invited to learn about small changes they could make at home and within their lifestyle,” adds Julia.

Kathi Jackman, Director of Clinical Services at Haywards Heath comments: “This is a fantastic achievement for The Green Dream Team at our wonderful hospital. Julia is so passionate about sustainability. She has created a responsive team approach to continue to drive this important project. We are very proud to be nominated for these awards.”

At Nuffield Health, we’re focused on creating a sustainable environment, and that means changing the way we do things. We’re committed to reducing carbon emissions and working towards a more sustainable healthcare model that demonstrates how our purpose, is to build a healthier nation.

Last updated Wednesday 25 October 2023

First published on Wednesday 25 October 2023