The bum toning workout

Want to plump up your glutes or tighten up your buns? Then this expert-led superset workout designed to tone your toosh is the one for you.

How to perform the exercises



  • Squat (30 seconds)
  • Reverse lunge reach back (30 seconds)
  • Wide hands pushup (30 seconds)
  • Mountain climbers (30 seconds)
  • Walking high knees (30 seconds)
  • Repeat the full list once

Main workout (supersets)

All exercises in this workout are supersets. Complete exercise a) followed by exercise b) with no rest inbetween the exercises. Rest for 20 to 30 seconds inbetween each superset and repeat.

a) Depth jump (20 reps)
b) Hip raise (20 reps)
Repeat 4 times

a) Jump lunge (20 reps)
b) Lateral lunge (20 reps)
Repeat 4 times

a) Suitcase squat (20 reps)
b) Lateral plyo squat (20 reps)
Repeat 4 times


  • Jog (5 mins)
  • Thoracic Rotation (30 secs)
  • Cat camel (30 secs)
  • Hamstring stretch (30 secs each side)
  • Lying glute stretch (30 secs each side)
  • Side Hip and Quad Stretch (30 secs each side)
  • Straight-leg Calf Stretch (30 secs each side)
  • Standing IT Band Stretch (30 secs)

Last updated Tuesday 7 April 2020

First published on Wednesday 21 October 2015